Who We Are

Exist The Project

We are a media marketing company located in Eau Claire WI. We service video, photo, and graphic design for people, organizations, and movements. We are a team of young entrepreneurs with a desire to document and explore everything this journey of life has to offer. 



Our existence as people is connected to the experiences we have and create. Having these experiences are key to the understanding of our identities.

Our meaning is strengthened when we share our stories. The connection between our memories and our existence is predominate. However, when we lose our memories, we lose a piece of ourselves.  


Our company strives to capture important moments in every frame and allow your memories to EXIST forever. With our help, the smallest of details become unforgotten and unparalleled. 

Our Team


Cody Hansen

Founder & Filmmaker 

Hey, I am Cody Hansen! I am the founder of EXIST Media Co. I like coffee, ultimate frisbee, and spending time with loved ones! I had a desire to start to EXIST Media Co. because I love seeing stories and moments come to life! Being able to film and make others happy in the process is something I get really excited about. I got into video half a decade ago with the intention to film road trips with friends. You could say it started with the fear of forgetting valuable moments in my life. Not long after, people asked me to film moments in their life as well. I love everything about the filmmaking process. I hope to work with you!

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Rob Buckley

Creative Director

What’s up! My name is Rob Buckley. I am one of Exists creative directors, content creators; whatever you’d like to call it. I got involved with Exist because I was eager to learn a new style of creative expression: Video editing. I don’t really know too many video editors on a personal level, but then Cody Hansen came to mind.  I decided to reach out because he was the closest one I knew who had video editing experience. Since jumping on board I've been involved in multiple projects. The future and vision of Exist Media Co. is strong! And I'm looking forward to working with whoever comes along.

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Henry Dalluhn

Exist Creative


Hey everyone I am Henry Dalluhn, a long-time adventurer and support specialist for both business and creative sides of Exist. I grew up with a passion for learning, I have traveled the world looking to experience other cultures and to understand how we are all one people. I also have a propensity for adrenaline, whether it be skydiving, snowboarding, cliff jumping, or climbing things most would stay clear of, I yearn to push limits. I am excited to work with and get to know everyone while we work together to make memories and connections last. Finally, I just want to say thank you, thank you for becoming apart of our team because we wouldn’t be able to do what we love without each and every one of you. See you soon.

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Juliet Kratochwill

Exist Weddings


Hello!! I am Juliet Kratichwill - Weddings Coordinator for Exist. I have a bright, energetic, and collaborative spirit that fits well within this company! More so, I have a high admiration for connecting with others, fueling their story into something magical! I live by the mentality of 'joy is in the journey, not the destination'. This means that I appreciate every step of the process that is life. And by capturing beautiful moments that have been coordinated (or uncoordinated), every picture has a correlating story. While pictures may be worth a thousand words, a couple thousand words can paint the most beautiful picture. My role is to help coordinate the success within your big day so that the moments captured can tell the story themselves. 

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Victoria Pitzer

Photographer and


Hi there! My name is Victoria Pitzer, and I am a photographer (and sometimes videographer) at Exist. I've always had an eye

for the creative side of things growing up as a competitive dancer, performer, calligraphy artist, and musician. I was beyond excited to add photography to that list. As a kid, my parents would laugh as I took our tiny, turquoise blue, digital camera outside to model and do my own photoshoot. My facebook was filled with horribly edited photos that I now look back on and laugh. It's only fitting that as I grew, a camera grew with me. It's my goal to make your pictures everything I would dream of for my own wedding, family, senior portraits, and more. As a true romantic, family-oriented, passionate individual, I look forward to photographing your special event, and treat it as if it were my own. 

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Spot Available 

Looking for like-minded creators to support our vision and mission.

Application link coming soon for business and creative team.




We cannot wait to start working with you.

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